GC University GCWUF Meeting of The Syndicate

Faisalabad:Bai Som Education Minister Ahmed Khan has said that RAW is not witnessed in Our educational institutions are playing an important role for the promotion of education. He expressed his opinion damn GC University Women Madina Town during a meeting of the university syndicate meeting women away from university discipline Eve, Pura jackets and administrative matters and important decisions will be taken yzh. Bai Som ranamshudahmdkan before the meeting the Minister of Education and GC University Vice Chancellor at the University of Madina Town ufysr Dr. Zakir Hussain maat be special to see both of which were discussed in terms of private dlh. Current on qay Rana Som Bai witnessed the Minister of Education and Madina Town GC University Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussain ufysr on both measures will be taken to improve maat ha extremity. While discussing the current qay professor Dr. Zakir Hussain said that my effort revolutionized education across the country to take probiotics and Eve in the car while my da yrh maat be both improvement and introduce new discipline and the University of sectors workshops and seminars in order to make the shift to keep the san. Pass so that people pass morale Achievements are tracking device. Our kids learn and pass on more yktykl field with their educational institution of the nation to the Fury. In the Current Som Bai House maid on qay asha enhanced Q-matter and decent were the Women's University in Athens fyslabad necessary for better education and now here we are four weeks after the victorious three studies Achievements Shaw men, neither Bashar nor his work in the fields. Current qay to this Assembly member Najma Afzal Bai Som also said to the Vice-Chancellor ufysr maat being led by Dr. Zakir Hussain, are playing an important role in the promotion of education. They both Dr. Zakir Hussain ufysr to be able to beat maat aqda paid for will be used as a dwelling troubling and hope that in time to come, Professor Dr. Zakir Hussain growth in graph two universities succeed in conveying the place shall be at the qay Current Week With Current members of the Syndicate.
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