GC University Directorate of Medical Science Oath Taking Ceremony

Faisalabad:Institute of Art and Fashion Designing courses that introduce you to the textile and fashion industry needs. Their damn opinion expressed by Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Zakir Hussain Institute ydaran chamber MERS commitment made at the tour. They President of the Chamber of Commerce and members are welcome. university sectors Chamber of Commerce with their technical skills may include any of the Pura jacket. Shil Sciences Dean Dr. Shahbaz Arif said the institute Art and Fashion Design Tehmina Afzal extremely hard work and devotion to all teachers and students are pursuing their sector.'s Dad See their performance. Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, said Suhail bin Rashid Institute Art and Fashion dayzynng commerce and Renovation project to design a floor. Institute International level is the quality of the work. Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice pryzdnt Riaz Haq said that the leadership of Dr Zakir Hussain GC university development is causing us proud. occasion of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice pryzdnt Mohammad Asghar said Pip Pip lbat Pro fysnl Training Institute students and corporate giving ease to take the total industry have. Faisalabad industry international standards for the fashion and design every mother GCU shall be met. Chenab Limited, director of the APC prusng Mian Mohammad Farhan said that after the visit of the Institute to evaluate Here students that corporate Lips Education Kate international standards being. ardnytr Tehmina Afzal said that the APC that we are setting the standard. lbat all our students and corporate art and fashion design places for students and corporate lbat can blh. keeping our syllabus requirements of the industry is built. examiner Call all major international art institutions that are able to put into this field merit Drink RAW.
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