Fun galore at Anglo School

Rawalpindi :05 December: Children were having time of their life, giggling, running, looking for their friends and chit chatting with them right in front of their teachers, but nobody reprimanded them or told them to remain silent; because they were there on a day out with their friends and families at the Funfair 2019 of the Anglo Arabic Higher Secondary School. It was a day filled with joy and excitement. There were food stalls, fun games, juggler’s show, rides, tall man, music and lot of fun activities. Lots of valuable gifts were distributed through several lucky draws. Ms Shazia Kanwal, coordinator of the event welcomed the guests for making the event a success/ President Ammad Abbasi, General Secretary Nisar Ahmad Malik and other Executive Members including Abdul Waheed Malik, Nisar Nazish visited all the stalls and appreciated their efforts for the decoration and presentation of their stalls. They said that such events provide an opportunity to the parents to spare some time for their kids from their hectic schedule and have fun with them. Numerous well-decorated stalls titled ‘Moon Golgapay and Chaska House’, ‘Hunza Desi Food’, ‘UNI Com Food Crave’, ‘Chaska Food Point’, ‘Jump Ice Cream and Paan House’, ‘Spicy and Delicious Biryani with Games’, Mazedar Biryani and many more were the main attraction for visitors, who thronged the school in large numbers since early morning to join their kids on the meritorious occasion. The ticket was quite nominal to attract families to join the event. The school building was beautifully decorated to enhance to overall ambience of the event. The school children as early as third graders and above were seen helping their teachers sell confectionary items, ‘channa chaat’, ‘dahi bhallay’, ‘biryani’, pop corns, ‘pakoras’, ‘biryani’, milk shakes, French fries as well as confectionary items with smiles written all over their faces. They were very excited for being part of the event. Apart from eateries, stalls of face painting, embroidery, books, ‘Mehdni’, fun games, horse riding, jumping pad, music concert were main attraction for the kids and their parents. The horror house, was also one of the major attractions for the children who were very excited to enter it and have some fun. 10-year-old, Manahil was all smiles when ‘The News’ asked her whether she was enjoying the event. “Yeah, of course, I’m. I am quite happy to be here with my parents who also came at the funfair. We ate different things. I enjoyed some swings. I visited the Horror House with my friend Farheen, but came out screaming as it was quite horrific. I really liked riding the horse. I along with my best friend, Farheen, also took pictures,” she added. Mrs Saira, when asked why she came with her kids at the funfair, she said it was delightful moment for her that her kids were happy. “My daughter made her father take day off from his office specially to attend this event. She has been speaking day in day out about the funfair, as how special it will be. “We really enjoyed it over here,” and hope the school will arrange such a well organised event in the years to come,” she added. Prizes were also distributed among the visitors by the school management through ticket draw. The parents as well as teachers were quite excited to find a bicycle, doll house, block house, study table and other prizes in the draw. In the end the first prize was awarded to ‘Mazedar Biryani’. Principal Manzoor Hussain thanked all the visitors and event concluded with National Anthem.The news.

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