Beaconhouse schools participate in competitions of international level

LAHORE:17 December:The fourth edition of Beaconhouse International Student Convention (BISC) under the title ‘Interconnected Futures’ has been scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on February 12th -13th 2020. The BISC offers a unique experience to students from all Beaconhouse schools to participate in competitions on an international level. The event will host 192 participants, with approximately 300 guests in attendance, and 90 students exhibiting their work. Regional events were held, leading to the Grand Finale of the Pakistan Qualifying Leg in Lahore on the 28th November at Beaconhouse Newlands. Beaconhouse Icon ‘The World is My Stage’ singing challenge was a chance for students to revisit a range of classical to contemporary music and music that influences lives. A grand number of 400 students, from 80 schools participated, from which 20 students were selected to perform in the Grand Finale. The judging panel consisted of the renowned musicians Hadiqa Kiani, Mekaal Hassan and Amanat Ali. BISC Connections consisted of a postcard design competition for communities and areas that are currently suffering the effects of conflict or poverty and have no access to the internet. The BISC Click contest gave students a chance to express themselves through photography, whilst the BISC Film Festival encouraged participants to indulge in storytelling. BISC Exploratoria encouraged students to invent, experiment and investigate new approaches and solutions to tackle global challenges. BISC Art represented themes of post-apocalyptic life outside the sphere of earth, black-holes and interstellar travel.The news.

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