Ameer Hafiz Akif Saeed taken strong exception to arrest of a woman

LAHORE:August 11: Tanzim Islami (TI) ameer Hafiz Akif Saeed has taken strong exception to the arrest of a woman imparting Dars-e-Quran in Karachi with total disregard to the sanctity and protection guaranteed by Islam and civil norms to women inside homes. He said that the authorities should at least ensure the basic ethical code of our Deen and the requirements of criminal justice system and courts of law while taking action against the accused, he said in a statement on Friday. He lamented that the manner of “suddenly picking-up” a citizen and without even giving a fair chance to prove innocence was a clear violation of Islam and principles of impartial justice for all, but also against all internationally accepted human, moral and ethical norms. He said the law of the land demanded that any accused should be compulsorily produced before a court of law to exercise his fundamental rights to prove innocence.The news.

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