Aalmi Urdu Conference is celebrating 10th glorious year of Urdu

Lahore:December 9:The foundation of the International Urdu Conference (Aalmi Urdu Conference) is celebrating the 10th glorious year of Urdu literature, poetry, prose and plays at the Arts Council of Pakistan. The conference gives the people of Karachi an opportunity to be a part of amazing activities and events that are designed to celebrate our national language. The conference will be attended by renowned names of Urdu literature. The five-day event opens at 3pm from Thursday, Dec 21 and continues until Dec 25. Call 0300 0802391 for more information. One Source, Many Forms Koel Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled “One Source, Many Forms” featuring works by Dr. Susana Marín. Dr.Marín is a researcher of Pahari painting. Her long-life interest in Sub-Continent art and culture, particularly in the 18th century Guler and Kangra idioms of Pahari painting, brought her into contact with the few remaining practitioners of this art form living in the Punjab Hills. The exhibition opens at 5pm on Tuesday, Dec 12 and continues till Dec 23. Call 021-35831292 for more information.The news. Spirit of Visual Sanat Inititative is hosting a show titled “Spirit of Visual” featuring works by Sajjad Ahmed. Ahmed’s works addresses a diverse extent of concerns revolving around relationships between representation & abstraction, globalisation and existentialism. His subjects accompany a strong formal visual language. The show opens on Tuesday, Dec 12 and continues until Dec 21 at 5pm daily. Call 0300-8208108 for more information.The news.

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